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Entries for May, 2011

Encrypt Your Life With GPG

  With privacy becoming a greater and greater concern every day, encryption is proving to be a very viable option for securing our most sensitive data. One of my favorite encryption systems is the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG or simply GPG). GPG first came into existence in 1999, and is inter-operable with the very popular PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) […]

Never Install 3rd Party Drivers

Driver – every Windows user cringes at the utter sound of the word let alone the thought of having to deal with one. Regardless, they are required in order for your software to interact with hardware properly (or at all). The manufacturers of computer peripherals and components usually provide the drivers for their own equipment, and so […]

Chromium Adds Support for Everything GPU Accelerated

It seems that as of Chromium 13 build 85800, there is now support under about:flags for using the GPU to accelerate all webpages, not just ones with canvases. It seems to make browsing a little faster. Get your own snapshot of the bleeding-edge Chromium:

Hide Chromium’s Toolbar for More Screen Space

If you are using a new build of Chromium 13, you can now go to “about:flags” and enable “Compact Navigation”. After restarting, you can right click any tab and select “Hide the Toolbar”. If you also hide the bookmarks bar, you can make Chromium take up only as much space as the title bar. So […]

How To Universally Compare The Performance of Processors

  Like me, you want to get the most out of your money when it comes to a new computer, and that usually means the most speed for the lowest price. When looking at a computer’s specs, you are usually given the speed of the computer’s CPU or central processing unit (the computer’s main processor). […]