My name is Mark Furneaux, and I am the president of Romaco Canada. I have always liked to help people out, teach, and share knowledge. This blog is dedicated to giving you useful information, guides, and news. There were so many times where I came across something that I just had to share, yet had no way of getting it out to the public. Being a web developer, starting a blog was not a hard decision.

Please note that this is a personal and not a professional blog and it is not directly related to the Romaco Canada websites, nor does it reflect upon the company’s main responsibilities.

Brief Bio

My Involvement With Linux

I have been an open source software activist since 2006, when I first discovered Linux. I fell in love with it immediately, but it wasn’t until mid 2007 before I was using Linux as my main OS. That was when I discovered Ubuntu, (back then a GNOME based OS) maintained by Canonical limited. It took me 3 attempts,  but I finally let go of Windows. I do my best to encourage others to use any kind of free and open source software (FOSS) that they can. Almost all of the software that I use both on Linux and, occasionally, Windows is entirely open source. My work is proof that you can do just about anything without having to use proprietary software.

My Company

In 2008 I started Romaco Canada, an IT development company aimed at providing services such as web development, computer repair, server setup, custom electronics hardware, and not-for-profit software.

I Am An Audiophile

The title says it all. Ever since I bought my first CD in 2002, I have always been obsessed with the limits of technology’s ability to accurately reproduce sound. While I am not an advocate of vinyl, I do fancy valve amplifiers.

If you like my blog and/or want to suggest topics just post a comment. I do read them!