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Fix NFS Stalls on Linux with Fast Networking (Like InfiniBand)

Update 4/8/2017: This issue is actually caused by an underlying memory allocation deadlock bug in the ib_mthca kernel driver. The only true fix is to buy new hardware which does not use that driver and instead uses mlx4_ib. The following is left up for reference. For the last 6 months, I’ve had the most frustrating issue […]

Install Steam Games to SMB Share on Linux

I use an SSD and can’t install all my Steam games onto my SSD. I don’t have a large HDD in my workstation as all my files are on my huge ZFS file server. I simply wanted to install Steam games onto the share. Seems simple, right? I used to bind (using mount) the steamapps […]

Simple Domain Controller With Samba

I’ve had many people ask me over the last week how to set up a simple Windows domain with a Samba primary domain controller. This is a pretty complex topic and can get really messy really fast. This “guide” (if you can call it that) assumes that you have Ubuntu 12.04 installed on a server […]

XAML “Assembly Not Found” Error Might Be Caused By Your Network

While working on a new Windows WPF application today, I ran into a serious problem. I had made a UserControl class and wanted to use it in my application. After defining it in the XAML of the main window, Visual Studio said that the entire assembly could not be found. I spent several hours checking the code: namespaces, assemblies, […]

How-To: Speed Up Windows 7 Networking

Windows is not too great at many things in my opinion, but one of the things that it truly lacks is fast networking. I have found that Windows is far slower than my Linux OSes when it comes to file transfers to my SMB/CIFS server. I found a few things that seem to help a […]