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Filesystems Matter – Here’s Why

A filesystem in the most simple terms is a hierarchy of how the information is stored on computer storage media such as hard drives, SSDs and RAID arrays. Many people don’t think that filesystems pose a significant impact on the performance of a system and therefore do not think much of them. In fact, most end users […]

How To Universally Compare The Performance of Processors

  Like me, you want to get the most out of your money when it comes to a new computer, and that usually means the most speed for the lowest price. When looking at a computer’s specs, you are usually given the speed of the computer’s CPU or central processing unit (the computer’s main processor). […]

Best GPU Overclock Software: MSI Afterburner

Being an extreme computing fan, I’ve been involved with overclocking for a long time. GPUs overclock very differently than CPUs do, because for the most part, they do not have a user editable BIOS. (There are tools out there for making custom BIOSes but they have a high tendency to brick graphics cards, so I […]

How-To: Speed Up Windows 7 Networking

Windows is not too great at many things in my opinion, but one of the things that it truly lacks is fast networking. I have found that Windows is far slower than my Linux OSes when it comes to file transfers to my SMB/CIFS server. I found a few things that seem to help a […]

How to Speed Up Your Computer With RAID, and Why You Don’t Need an SSD

HDD, SSD – What? A hard drive (HDD) is a computer component that utilizes spinning magnetic disks (platters) and read/write heads to store information permanently. Hard drives are what is known as non-volatile storage, meaning that the information is retained after the power is removed, such as when you turn your computer off. Hard drives have […]