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Ubuntu 16.04 Runs Automatic Updates Whether You Say So or Not in the Installer

After selecting “No automatic updates” in the Ubuntu 16.04 server installer, I expected that the system would not attempt to upgrade anything without my permission, just like every version before. Turns out that is not the case. I found out the hard way when my production database shut down to upgrade in the middle of […]

Install zfs-auto-snapshot on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS/Debian

zfs-auto-snapshot not being available for 16.04 was not a situationĀ I thought I would run into, yet here we are, disappointed by Canonical once again. In the meantime, I have ported the package from Trusty (14.04.5) to work on Xenial (16.04.1) and Debian Jessie. You can download the Ubuntu 16.04 package here, and install it by […]

GNOME 3 on Ubuntu 11.10

In keeping with the theme of Ubuntu desktop environments, I thought that I would comment on my experiences with the latest version of the GNOME interface. As soon as Ubuntu 11.10 came out on October 13th, I decided to upgrade my previous installation. Bad idea. It ended up breaking so much that I could barely […]

Why Ubuntu Unity Will Suck

Ubuntu 11.04 codename Natty Narwhal, which will be released in April, will implement many new and drastic changes to the OS, and they all have to do with one thing…Unity.