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Never Install 3rd Party Drivers

Driver – every Windows user cringes at the utter sound of the word let alone the thought of having to deal with one. Regardless, they are required in order for your software to interact with hardware properly (or at all). The manufacturers of computer peripherals and components usually provide the drivers for their own equipment, and so […]

How-To: Speed Up Windows 7 Networking

Windows is not too great at many things in my opinion, but one of the things that it truly lacks is fast networking. I have found that Windows is far slower than my Linux OSes when it comes to file transfers to my SMB/CIFS server. I found a few things that seem to help a […]

Windows 7 Black Progress Bar Theme

Just a few days ago I thought that I would try to make my plain Windows 7 system look a little bit better. I had thought that maybe changing the colour of my progress bars would do the trick. I set out to find a patched aero.msstyles theme file on the web, and found a […]